A recap of Boise State vs. Louisiana Tech

Due to some extenuating circumstances, this is my first chance to put my thoughts on Tuesday night's game out for all to read.
First off, the Bulldogs played tough for four quarters and left everything on the field and have no reason to hang their heads low.
On Tech Nation Radio Monday night, I stated that I was not impressed with Boise State's "body of work" thus far this season. I thought that the teams they have played were weak and that Boise had not truly been tested thus far. I was right, and Louisiana Tech was the first to test them? Would the "world-wide leader" ever admit that Louisiana Tech gave Boise State a scare? Probably not after listening to the announcers Tuesday night. They acted like Boise State had their way with Louisiana Tech. I guess they weren't looking at the stat sheet.

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Going into Tuesday night, Boise State ranked first in the nation in total defense (210.17 yards per game), first in rush defense (59.33 yards per game), second in scoring defense (12.83 points per game), and eighth in pass defense (150.83 yards per game). Tech was able to amass more in every category than the averages. Tech was able to pass for 222 yards, rush 172 yards for a total of 394 yards and score 20 points. Tech wasn't done with just their offense, they were able to hold the Broncos below or right at their season averages. Tech held Boise to right at their season average passing with 305 yards (a season average of 301 yards) while rushing for 163 yards (season average was 222 yards), total offense of 468 (season average of 523.83), and 49 points (season average of 59 points).
Additionally, Lennon Creer ran for 149 yards and two touchdowns on 35 carries, averaging 4.3 yards per carry. Boise State had been only allowing opponents to gain 1.8 yards per carry and 59.3 yards per game. Of the four Doak Walker Award candidates to face Boise State this year (including Creer), Creer posted 103 more rushing yards than any other single running back and 47 more rushing yards than the other three running backs combined (Darren Evans, Virginia Tech; Jacquizz Rogers, Oregon State; Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech).
Had Tech been able to score touchdowns in the redzone Tuesday night, the scoreboard would have told a much different story. Margin of victory doesn't count in calculating the BCS poll, but it does affect a person who does vote when they see the scores. Will the stats from the box score Tuesday night get noticed by the voters? It certainly may and may hurt Boise. This was a game Boise was "supposed" to dominate. They did on the scoreboard, but didn't in the trenches.
Tech fans want Boise to win out so that Tech can reap the benefits of a big pay day, for me, I don't want a team to get something I don't think they deserve. Boise is flying on their recent success in BCS bowl games and I feel the voters are "blinded by the light".