Opportunity is the keyword for returning non-starters and walk-ons

In Saturday's scrimmage, two familiar faces had a sort of "coming out party", seniors Steven Ensminger and Roosevelt Falls.
Coach Sonny Dykes said this after the scrimmage, "Steven Ensminger was a tight end on the depth chart when we got here and now he certainly was the best quarterback in today's scrimmage. Whenever there is a change, it is like anything else - it is probably good for some guys and not as good for some others."
Falls and Ensminger echoed Dykes' sentiments after practice as well talking about how they had been given an opportunity with this new staff that they weren't given under the previous regime. Falls said, "you have to go out and work hard on this team and [the coaching staff] will give you the opportunity to do what you can do." Falls went on to say that he did not take care of his business off the field very well when the previous regime was in Ruston so he didn't help his cause. But, did say that this staff will give anyone an opportunity to show what he can do. Ensminger said this, "a lot of these guys out here contributing never even got on the field last year."
Another player getting an opportunity is wide receiver David Gru. Gru, a native of Newbury Park, Ca. is a new face to the Louisiana Tech football team after spending last year in fire fighter programs in Ventura, Ca. Gru and Tech quarterback Colby Cameron have known one another since the third grade and Gru even played slot receiver for Newbury Park High School when Cameron was the quarterback. Gru also mentioned the same thing about opportunity as Ensminger and Falls.
"I may not be the most physically gifted guy, but if I work hard and just make sure I am doing the right thing it's all about technique and I will get my opportunity."
Gru may be a new comer, but is making waves in the offense by showing his ability to make the difficult catch. Tech's inside receivers coach, Mark Tommerdahl said this of Gru, "he's just battling and fighting for his life. He sees the opportunity and he is making the most of it." Tommerdaul mentioned time and time again Gru's toughness and said that he reminds him of the Texas Tech wide receivers in the fact that when you see them you don't expect anything out of them but all they do is go out and perform at a high level.
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