Tech making adjustments in the secondary

RUSTON, La. - Louisiana Tech made a move in the defensive backfield during the off-season. They moved Ryan Williams from cornerback to strong safety and Chad Boyd to nickleback. Defensive coordinator Tommy Spangler spoke about the reason behind the move following a strong performance by that backfield Monday evening.
Most would suspect that the reason for the move was solely because Williams would serve Tech better at safety than Boyd, Spangler said that was not the case.
"We it really wasn't just Ryan [Williams] to safety, it was kind of Chad [Boyd] to nickel too. It's not just about Ryan helping us at safety, because you know Chad Boyd is a good safety, actually Chad playing the nickel spot too is going to help us," said about the move.
Making the decision was obviously not an easy one for Spangler to make. He also consulted head coach Sonny Dykes before making the final decision.
"We felt like maybe that [Boyd at nickel and Williams at safety] fits better; and, believe me, we didn't just one day think about it was well thought out and we discussed [the move] with coach [Sonny] Dykes and he agreed that that would be a good move. So, we decided to go with it. I think both moves are going to benefit the team in the long run," Spangler said of the decision making process.
Having Williams back there may have freed up Jamel Johnson to play more freely Monday evening as he had a productive day with a nice pass breakup and an interception in the opening evening of fall practice.
The Tech coaching staff is making adjustments to try and fix problems that resulted in the team giving up massive amounts of yardage up the middle last season.